Selection is done by inviting applications through advertisements published in official website  – One having highest circulation in the State and two having highest circulation in the district where the location is situated. Selection of LPG distributor for an advertised location is done by draw from all the eligible applicants for that location.


The process of setting up of a GAS distributorship starts with the release of an open advertisement in the Online Application informing the locations where Gas Agencie proposes to set up HP GAS , Adani , BHARAT GAS INDANE GAS agencies. Interested candidates, meeting the stated requirements, are required to apply in the application form (given below), as per the details given in the open advertisement. The applications are scrutinized, interviews are conducted and the successful candidate is selected. For more information, please read the Information brochure given below.

Functionality of LPG Dealership Application


Choose the franchise which suits you the best and apply online. Sit back and relax we will contact you.

Document Verificaton

All the documents will be verified and details will be provided to you.


Who can apply for the dealership if they are eligible for the agency.

Dealership Allowtment

After all the documents are verified ,the gas dealership in the area will be given to you.


Legal formalities is the last process of the allotment of dealership.

Help & Support

We provide 24x7 service for all clients and help them for all guideline.

Which companies are providing


Please fill out the application form above correctly interested person can apply when you complete the application form. our one of our executives will call you. They will explain everything about the process and the requirements documents and investment, as well as the minimum annual objective and earnings. Please note that this process takes up to a month. You are asked if you want to complete all agency processes within the time period. So, whatever our executive tells you about the process, you will comply. We would like to tell you one more thing than before applying the online application form, kindly read all the instructions. Or someone who cannot read and understand the instructions should fill out the contact form only and take the information. Our executive will guide you through the online application process and the required document.

Choose Dealership

The tenure of the distributorship shall be for an initial period of 10 years and renewable for every 5 years